Microsoft debuts a 1GB RAM variant of the Lumia 635

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Yes, Windows 10 for phones has been demonstrated and tried on 512MB RAM devices, of course, but I've been saying on AAWP for months that 1GB RAM is the new baseline to run the OS properly, as evidenced by the Lumia 435 and 535 coming with this from day one. And now we see one of the last 512MB hold-outs getting a brand new 1GB RAM variant 'in selected markets', surely another indication that, while '10' may run on the lower specced devices, 1GB of RAM will be needed for all features? Interestingly, the 635 is still listed on the Microsoft specs page as coming with 'Cyan', though that could simply be that the page hasn't been fully updated yet - I'd imagine that every shipping 1GB Lumia 635 will start out with Lumia Denim under the hood.

From the Microsoft specs page for the 635:

635 1GB

Naturally, with more RAM there's greater battery drain in standby mode, so there are minor differences in quoted standby life as well.

The move to 1GB RAM is a major boon to the 635, which already stands out as terrific in the hand and with a better-than-average (CBD lite) screen for a budget model. The absence of a front-facing camera may still be a limitation for some, of course - no selfies, no video calling (e.g. Skype).

If it weren't for the huge number of Lumia 520s sold and all the new wave of low end 'reference design' Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 handsets, most or all of which are stuck on 512MB RAM, you can imagine that Microsoft would love to proclaim 1GB as the minimum for Windows 10. As it is, we'll probably end up seeing a barebones Windows 10 (not too dissimilar from the current Technical Preview) on the 520 et al, then the full experience and function set on devices with 1GB under the bonnet.

For reference, here's my Lumia 630 review - LTE support apart, 99% of that applies to the 635.

Lumia 630

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Source / Credit: Microsoft