Exemplary Rich Recording and 4K capture from the Nokia Lumia 930

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Antti Kangasaho is a Lumia 930 owners with a passion. Well, actually two passions. Drumming and the Lumia 930, with typical top end Nokia Rich Recording technology (HAAC mikes). Put the two together and you get a channel stuffed with examples of what both drummers and the 930 can do. Several of the videos embedded are within a metre of a drum kit being played at full force - yet there's not the slightest distortion. As they say on the gig circuit, 'try that with a Samsung....!' Or indeed an iPhone. Rich Recording and HAAAC microphones are a feature of most top end Nokia smartphones in recent years - see also the Lumia 1520, 1020, 830, 808 and so on.

Here for your enjoyment (well, ok, only if you don't mind a little heavy metal!) are a few samples from the channel. Firstly, Stratovarius, playing "Eagleheart". As usual, maximise the playback window or, at the very least, plug in some decent headphones to hear the drum recording:

Next, RIGHT up close, here's Rolf Pilve of Stratovarius (again), playing along live to "Unbreakable". An ultimate Rich Recording test!

Finally, the same drummer again, but this time in the studio - and hey, Antti Kangasaho's 930 has got its denim upgrade, so the video is shot in full 4K this time. If your bandwidth is up to it, maximise the window on your large screen monitor and enjoy the quality. 

Audio capture from some other manufacturers' smartphones has been getting slightly better in recent months. I'll have to get a few in and then head off to a local gig!

Source / Credit: YouTube