Updated Motion Data, for SensorCore-compatible phones

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The official Motion Data Settings module, which reads data from the SensorCore firmware and electronics in most of the Windows Phones with Snapdragon 400 and 800 series chipsets, has been updated with a richer user interface - while using the SensorCore data is still mainly the job of third party applications, the core information is now exposed the end user by Settings/Motion Data as well.

Here's the official changelog for Motion Data, which you'll find in Settings if your phone supports the SensorCore firmware and API:

  • User interface redesign
  • See your activity graphically
  • See your places and routes graphically
  • Collect more detailed and accurate data
  • List installed apps that can make use of motion data

The previous minimal on/off 'interface' has now been replaced with this:


Presumably categorised according to speed, your walking, running, cycling and driving activity is represented, though I can imagine this broadbrush approach might be inaccurate if you're a fast walker or slow runner, etc. Plus if you drive a lot then the graphic will be one sided! (right) a map view shows roughly where your activity occurred, I've zoomed out here for privacy reasons, but typically this goes down to street level, albeit with the caveat below.

The 'places' data is somewhat bitty, in that location is only captured every minute or two, to save power, and then only with your original permission to use location in the first place. So you can't use this for tracking the exact path of a run, for example.

Third party applications will access location much more frequently, typically. The 'Apps' pane just shows which ones are making use of the APIs - in my case just Microsoft's own Health and Fitness application.

A useful update for this built in Windows Phone module. To update, just go into the Store client on your phone and 'check for updates' in the usual way. You'll need to restart your phone.