Mini-review: Firefly Runner is atmospheric, fun and charity-friendly

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Heading towards the end of the week on AAWP, an endless runner with a difference. In addition to running, you're (usually) flying, plus the atmosphere and design of this cross-platform game is exquisite. The charity mention in the title is because this is a commercial (£1.99 in the UK) game but with the developers giving 15% of revenues to charities detailed in their web page.

From the Store description:

Firefly Runner is an action packed, free-running adventure set on the stunningly beautiful yet treacherous Firefly Island.

Join Switch as he takes flight in search of treasured light orbs and magical keys. After lift-off avoid obstacles, collect cherries and perform acrobatic loop-de-loops to gain extra points. You will be flying towards higher and higher scores in no time!

Challenge your reflexes by running, flying and firing your deadly slingshot to take out Switch’s insect foes like grumpy hornets, burping slugs and scuttling spiders. Always make sure to keep a watchful eye for those mischievous praying mantises or else their deadly traps are likely to catch you by surprise.

The mechanics of the game owe something to Flappy Bird, in fact, with a similar mechanic of keeping the air, with single taps - but there's infinitely more here to collect, dodge and fire at, of course. Plus, as you'll see from the screenshots and trailer video, Firefly Runner is drop dead gorgeous, with an audio soundtrack to match - hear the jungle rain as it pelts down, be scared as the spider scuttles, and so on. There's a lot to take in!

Some screens of Firefly Runner in action:

Screenshot, Firefly Runner

Starting a run, there are options to start from the very beginning, start from the last save point, or, with a deduction of virtual cash, from the last point seen - or at least that's how I think it goes - one part of the jungle seems much like any other and quite a bit is randomly generated, so it's hard to tell!

Screenshot, Firefly Runner

Flying along, you'll collect stars and other glowing prizes and elements. If it glows, it's something to pick up in your bobbing up and down in the air. If it doesn't glow (such as the hornet, screen-right here) then it's an enemy and should be avoided or fired at. Yep, Firefly has a weapon!

Screenshot, Firefly Runner

Dying at a certain point, you can opt to pay to continue. Much as this seems like a freemium mechanic, it's not - there's no connection through to real world money. It's just a device to get you to collect and manage your virtual cash/orbs/whatever.

Screenshot, Firefly Runner

Angry Birds Rio-style, as you fly by cages of trapped friends, they're released, as long as you picked up the keys along the way...

Screenshot, Firefly Runner

Surprises picked up can be opened later, to reveal cash and more...

Screenshot, Firefly Runner

Parallax is used in spades to increase the atmosphere in this otherwise 2D scroller. Add lighting effects, add terrific artwork/sprites, add in the superb sound and you have a lot to enjoy for your £2 here.

You can buy Firefly Runner here in the Store. It's been around for a while on all three mobile platforms, but we've never covered it before and hey, it's in a good cause!

PS. From the developers, there's a video trailer too:

Source / Credit: Windows Phone Store