Video Memories adds themes, collage creator, goes freemium

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Video Memories got a significant upgrade this week on Windows Phone. Contrary to what you might think from the app's name, this is about creating short videos from selected photos, applying effects, filters and transitions. It works well too, a tool for when you need to send a bunch of event snaps to family and the world in an accessible and controlled way. See below for the significant changelog, marked by the app moving from free to freemium, but very reasonably.

From the Store entry, we have the changelog:

What's new in version

  • Added theme with custom background and falling artifacts effect.
  • Added built-in collage photo creator with creative templates.
  • Introduced advanced feature packs as in-app purchase.
  • Banner ads will be shown during video encoding.

As usual, a few screenshots of the new version in action:

Screenshot, Video memoriesScreenshot, Video memories

A cleaned up interface all round, including the moving of most of the effects and themes into freemium packs, though none are exactly expensive....

Screenshot, Video memoriesScreenshot, Video memories

The main interface for adding photos and setting parameters, frames, effects, and so on; (right) the new collage system, pick framing images for each central image pick and zoom and pan each until you're happy etc.

Screenshot, Video memoriesScreenshot, Video memories

Among the new themes are 'falling' things, e.g. snowflakes, if you're into this sort of thing; (right) when everything's right and you've approved the preview, it's time to render - this took roughly twice as long as 'real time' on my Lumia 1020, so isn't too burdensome.

What about if you'd been using a lot of the themes and filters before, under the completely free version? The developer does note that users who "have the app installed on their phone at the time of updating to version 4.0 will be able to be able to use the app with no ad, and with all transition effects for free". So you'd miss the ads (I did), but would still have to pay for all the extra themes, etc - which seems fair enough, there has been a lot of work put into this project.

You can grab Video Memories here, and comments welcome about the in-app-purchases - I think they're very reasonable. A good developer is worth encouraging!

Source / Credit: Windows Phone Store