MX Player arrives for real on Windows Phone

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After a number of abortive, hardly working beta versions on Windows Phone, MX Player, one of the big name video players in the Android world, has arrived at last and seems to work very well. It played all my test videos perfectly and with a surprising number of settings and options. See below for screens and link.

From the Store description:

This is offical port of MX Player but contains small subset of Android version as it is early prototype version. It lacks important features such as SW decoder, SubStationAlpha subtitle support. But we are working hard to support as many features as Android version, so you will see completed version soon.

  • Add Video folder other folders
  • Video Zoom - Fit to Screen, Stretch, Crop, 100%
  • Aspect ratio - Default, 1:1, 4:3, 16:9, 16:10, 2.21:1, 2.35:1, 2.39:1, 5:4
  • Screen Settings Update:
    •   Screen-screen directions, full-screen viewing, traveling position, the battery / hour, color display, placed at the bottom of the screen rotate button, the battery / timetable in the title bar and the remaining time display, start-up interface display
    •   Touch-touch handle (display interface after starting / stopping, interface display and start / stop, the media start / stop, the interface show / hide), gestures (location detection, sound volume), the interface auto-hide time
    •   Navigation - Navigation speed, move forward / back buttons period, moving interval, previous / next video button displays the current position of the moving position
    •   Text (captions related) size, bold
    •   Batch (subtitle Related) - Alignment (Left, Center, Right), lower margins, color display

That's quite a rundown of possible settings, showing MX Player's ultimate ambitions.

Here's MX Player in action:

MX Player screenshotMX Player screenshot

All videos are now recognised and playable; (right) note the slightly alien Setting hierarchy and interface - no, wait, that's very Windows 10-ish. No, wait.... Oh heck, let's see how W10 works out before anyone complains? 

MX Player screenshot

Tap on a video while playing in order to see rotation and aspect ratio controls, plus a responsive seek bar for finding a place or time code in a video.

MX Player screenshot

The various aspect ratios which can be enforced, should the default video resolution not match your screen or expectations....

MX Player screenshot

Paused.... Note that all the screen furniture goes away while playing - of course! The forward and back controls are to the next video, by the way, there are no nudge controls - just the seek bar.

This, alongside VLC (of which more later) and Microsoft's built in Xbox Video, has now become a viable video player for the platform - give it a try!

You grab MX Player in the Store right here. [Beware a number of 'soundalike' applications trying to cash in on the brand name!]

Source / Credit: Windows Phone Store