The TechTruck rolls on, spreading the Windows gospel...

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It's a fair cop, I have an interest in expanding and innovative vehicles, but it did mean that this linked and illustrated story that also brought in Windows and Windows Phone was hard to resist. It's a shame that the Microsoft TechTruck is currently in Germany, as I'd be all over it if it came anywhere near me. Seriously, it's a cool vehicle and concept, maybe this or a few sister vehicles might make it to the UK for the Windows 10 release period?

From the WMPU article:

Some years ago we reported that Microsoft and Nokia UK had created a Roadshow bus to take their show on the road and demonstrate Microsoft mobility technology to business users at their place of work. We know Microsoft is doing pretty well in enterprise in UK, so the idea must have had some impact, and it seems the company has now taken the idea to Germany.

Microsoft’s TechTruck has recently started roaming the autobahns of Germany, demonstrating “Pure Technology” in their rolling show rooms.

The trucks feature 120 square metres of the latest Lumias, Surface Pro 3 tablets and many other devices. Potential customers can play with the devices, attend lectures and even play with Internet Of Things gadgets and 3D Printing.

“We want to get people where they are – that says it is ever so slightly, but that’s what we do,” said Peter Jaeger, Senior Director of Developer Experience and Evangelism.

The truck also offers business meetings, internal presentations, and company events.

120 m2 is damned impressive, given that it's all got to pack away into a standard road width articulated lorry, but the pictures below do show how it all unpacks, ending up with a slick demo area:


Arriving on site, just another long wheelbase artic....


With a fold-up banner on top, and starting to fold out a main entrance...


Folded out completely on one side, over 2m to the left of the main artic body...

Folded out on both sides, with around 5m extension at its widest on the right side of the artic body....


Inside, various lighting effects and scenarios are possible....


The most obvious of which is a demo area, potentially very useful for showing off Windows 10 on PCs, tablets and phones when the time comes?

Maybe this is me being a little over-enthusiastic as a petrol-head and RV enthusiast(!), but I do think there's potential here and I'd love to see more of these vehicles.

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Source / Credit: WMPU