Keep Windows Insider installed to get the latest Windows 10 fixes

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We're starting to see the updates for Windows 10 'Insiders' build flow a little more freely now, with 'Build 10052' now available to anyone brave enough and with a spare device. Though do note that it's very easy, after an update, to end up with the 'Windows Insider' application not actually installed. Which will, naturally enough, stop you receiving any more updates.

From Microsoft today:

We’re releasing Build 10052 of the Windows 10 Technical Preview for phones to the Fast ring today. This build is a minor update from the 10051 build that we released 11 days ago with several of the top issues affecting Insiders fixed. There are no new features in this build, but it should be much more usable day to day with these improvements.

Here are the big things that we fixed:

  • Flight mode can now be enabled.
  • You can now disable data connections.
  • We fixed the bug in which your phone’s MMS settings were lost after upgrading from Build 9941.
  • We fixed the issue in which you couldn’t download keyboards for additional languages.
  • We fixed the issue where the viewfinder in the Camera app gets composed incorrectly on some devices like the Lumia 1020.

Note that there are a great number of smaller things fixed that aren't mentioned above, and this build is a lot smoother in general operation. Still no Office though! 

A few relevant screens:

Screenshot, Insiders updateScreenshot, Insiders updateScreenshot, Insiders update

After the initial Windows 10 install, one of our test devices no longer had Windows Insider installed, so do make sure you seek this out in the Store, re-pick 'Slow' or 'Fast' and then pop back to 'Settings/Update' - you should start to see the updates flowing again!

In addition to the fixes, Microsoft has apparently re-provisioned the Lumia 520/521 for receiving updates after the fixing of the main Reset Tool. Good to know!

We'll be covering Windows 10 for phones more in the next few AAWP podcasts.

Source / Credit: Microsoft