tripwolf - Your Travel Guide: polished but patchy

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'tripwolf' is a successful franchise that has come across from other platforms - and it's welcome on Windows Phone, arriving in fully conceived and mature form and with plenty of content, albeit geographically patchy. It also uses freemium mechanics with a vengeance, though for a travel app for people with disposable income then this isn't a problem.

From the Store entry:

Discover the most popular destinations all over the world with tripwolf – your travel guide with offline maps. Plan your trip with suggestions from the tripwolf community and get helpful information from experienced travel authors. With city maps (available offline!), free updates and access to more than 150 destinations all over the globe through in-app purchases.

  • WORKS 100% OFFLINE «
    All the travel guides can be accessed entirely offline. No roaming fees in foreign countries: use the guides, features and maps with no need for an internet connection.
    Create your personal trips and plan your journey on the road or in the comfort of your own home. Anytime, any place.
    Get authentic travel advice and reviews for the best sights, restaurants, shops, hotels, bars etc. 
    Browse exciting places in different cities, regions or countries. Discover unique sights and insider tips from the tripwolf community. 
  • tripwolf travel guides are available in English, German, French, Italian, and Spanish. 
  • Sort and filter places by popularity, distance or category.
  • „You are here“ pin on the maps: have the map display your current position when using tripwolf guides abroad. 

I would suggest you do the downloading of any guides you want before you travel (including the street maps) - they'll work offline but do involve a lot of data initially and you won't want to be doing all that on some foreign hotel's connection at £1 a Megabyte, etc.

Here's a walkthrough of tripwolf - Your Travel Guide:

Screenshot, TripwolfScreenshot, Tripwolf

Starting up, showing its graphical chops - with so many photos this is a very pretty application...

Screenshot, TripwolfScreenshot, Tripwolf

With a collection of reviews, recommendations and more, for each city, region or neighbourhood, the model here is that you can see some of all this for an hour per city and if you ever want to look at it again then you have to buy the 'premium guide' for that city. Which is fair enough in the grand context of travel, which is insanely expensive anyway - an extra £3.50 won't break the bank.

Screenshot, TripwolfScreenshot, Tripwolf

Tips and information is gathered into typical categories for a travel guide, though tapping through starts to show some of the data limitations. I was on Wi-fi and even then the thumbnails took forever to arrive - maybe the 'tripwolf' people need a bigger server?

Screenshot, TripwolfScreenshot, Tripwolf

Other major cities can be searched for and discovered, of course, under the same preview/buy terms...

Screenshot, TripwolfScreenshot, Tripwolf

City street maps are grabbed and retained offline, for easy access when you're 'there' and the drop down filters and map UI is very well done; (right) oops, another blank background - again, a bigger server is needed by the service, I think...

Screenshot, TripwolfScreenshot, Tripwolf

The problem is that only major cities are covered. Go anywhere that really should be covered and isn't (in England you basically just get London and some assorted tourist hot-spots and... that's it) and you're out of luck. For example, I fancy going to Toronto, a fabulous city according to my wife. Oops, that's not here either.

You can grab 'tripwolf' here in the Store. It's not bad if your travels are to capital cities and frequently visited places (by tourists), but the data falls off massively if you want to veer even slightly off the beaten track. Still, worth a try and you'll know whether your destination is covered before paying, which is fair enough?

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