LCARS and Star Trek on your Windows Phone

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LCARS is, as any Trekkie knows, the name of the computer interface used in the modern Star Trek series - and this game, highlighted by MyAppfree today, is implemented using a faithful representation of the UI. The game itself? It's the classic mainly textual Star Trek strategy game from the last few decades, of course, reimagined for a modern age - and Windows Phone.

From the Store description:

The galaxy is under attack and needs your help to save it! Command your ship as you seek out and destroy enemies that threaten your planets!

The popular simulator from the Windows 8 Store app has made its way to Windows Phone!

LCARS Trek is inspired by a classic text based adventure game. It has been re-imagined and enhanced for Windows Phone with a 24th century computer interface, as well as great sound effects to further the experience. LCARS Trek lets you control every system on your ship, so your training will be fully comprehensive!

The implementation is first class, right down to bleeps and other Trek sound effects (you can even choose between TNG and Voyager klaxon effects!), though the gameplay itself is perhaps overly faithful to the original. Still, at least you don't have to type in coordinates and vectors all the time!

Here's a glimpse of the game and interface:

Screenshot, LCARS TrekScreenshot, LCARS Trek

Getting started, the Help system is online on the web, but launching the page has a sound effect and it's surprisingly well integrated. Oh, and you'll need the instructions too, Star Trek (the old game) is more complicated than it seems at first!

Screenshot, LCARS TrekScreenshot, LCARS Trek

Navigating into sectors, finding Klingons and then locking on phasers is all done in traditional numerical fashion, but with a graphical LCARS bent....

Screenshot, LCARS TrekScreenshot, LCARS Trek

Selecting a heading in which to shoot off (in this 2D universe!) and setting your shield strength. Engage!

You can grab LCARS Trek for free (today, at least, no idea how long it will last) here in the Store. When it reverts, it's only a dollar/99p though....(!)

Source / Credit: Windows Phone Store