Grimbo, a cute death-themed platformer(!)

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OK, so a theme of being a kid 'grip reaper' learning all about being death incarnate isn't the most promising I've heard for a game, but Grimbo is surprisingly cute and atmospheric. Running, jumping, swimming and swinging your way through pseudo-3D hand-drawn levels, you interact with other characters, finding items in order to progress. And, wonder of wonders, even the in-app purchases are sensible. 

From the Store description:

Get ready to blast off with the magical adventure of Grimbo the Grim reaper boy and live the amazing experience of his fantastic world. Ride your dragon, slay your enemy, dive into the deepest seas and experience the world of wonders, brought to life with astonishing graphics and challenging adventures. 

  • Amazing Gameplay
  • Stunning hand drawn artwork.
  • Tens of Levels and Worlds with their own astonishing Atmosphere.

As usual, I gave this a spin, though I got stuck trying to find the boat ticket to be ferried across the river (Styx?)

Grimbo game screenshot

Wonderful graphics throughout, especially appreciated on AMOLED-screened devices, which do more with the dark areas and lighting effects....

Grimbo game screenshot

And before you get too scared off by the 'freemium' tag - the purchases here are all very reasonable - well done to the development team. These IAPs might actually get used.

Grimbo game screenshot

Jumping and swinging across a chasm to get to more coins for collection....

Grimbo game screenshot

Characters with '?' above them can be conversed with - or at least they talk to you, giving information about what you (or they) need....

Grimbo game screenshot

Control is via left thumb and a virtual joystick, action (e.g. hitting trolls) via right thumb, while tapping anywhere else jumps. Nice and easy, and intuitive.

Grimbo game screenshot

Although strictly a 2D platformer, there's nice use of parallax to create a pseudo-3D effect. Add in a digital soundtrack and you're all set for an adventure!

You can grab Grimbo here in the Store, very nicely implemented and well worth a look.

Source / Credit: Windows Phone Store