One Drop of Life a fun freebie game that raises awareness

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One Drop of Life is a new freebie 'endless faller' from the One Drop Foundation, an organisation that fights poverty worldwide by supporting access to clean water for all. The 30MB game gets the aims of the foundation over in an entertaining way, see the screens and quotes below.

From the Conversations introduction:

The One Drop Foundation is based out of Montreal, Canada and is an initiative started by Guy Laliberté, the founder of Cirque du Soleil. By raising individual and community awareness to the need for safe water to be accessible for all the foundation hopes to bring an end to global poverty.

One Drop of Life for Windows Phone is a game where you control one drop of clean water and need to avoid polluting it and getting it to where it’s needed the most. The game starts with a single drop of water from a water pump and you must guide it along its treacherous path, avoiding litter and contamination along the way, while at the same time collecting points.

Here's the free game in action:

OneDrop screenshotOneDrop screenshot

Clean graphics and clear instructions and educational panels (and links) throughout...

OneDrop screenshotOneDrop screenshot

Facts about clean water litter the game, but not intrusively so; (right) tap the water pump to start - what else? This is how many countries have to get access and the fact that you only have one drop is exagerated but makes the point about scarcity...

OneDrop screenshotOneDrop screenshot

The water drop falls and you guide by tilting - it's harder than it looks, thanks to real world(ish) physics, with the water drop hitting surfaces and changing shape and then dripping down again - all very impressively done. Avoid the toxic waste - OF COURSE!

One Drop of Life is free to download from the Windows Phone Store here.

Source / Credit: Lumia Conversations