Building Windows 10 apps from Android code demoed

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One of the most misunderstood aspects of the announcements of the last few days was the way in which third party Android mobile apps might be made to 'run' on Windows 10. Almost every application will need some tweaking, but it's clear that with the 'bridge' announced on Wednesday, with Microsoft-supplied replacements for common Android APIs, that many developers will find it quite easy to publish their applications to the Windows 10 Store. This new video from Microsoft, embedded below, makes the process clear, though you may want to pause it a few times - the presentation goes very quickly in places!

From the video page:

"Project Astoria" lets you build great Windows apps, while reusing your Android app code and tools.

Apps built with this technology leverage key Windows interactions, and deliver the kind of experience Windows users expect.

To make changes or debug your app, you can use your current IDE. We support IntelliJ, Android Studio, and Eclipse, and in addition to Windows development machines, you can use your Mac.

And here's the very nicely done video:

There's more on Project Astoria here.

And see also an expert's view - Rudy Huyn, possibly the rock star Windows Phone developer in the ecosystem, has weighed in on Project Astoria. As we discussed in the AAWP podcast last night, only very simple Android applicatons will be instantly usable, and he fears that anything 'meaty' will either take a lot of work or end up having to compromise on functionality or experience.

Source / Credit: Microsoft