The official Eurovision Song Contest app now fully kitted out for the stage

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Announced and with a fledgling first release a while ago, the 'official' Eurovision Song Contest application just got itself a big update - with all the artist and song details that were - ahem - missing the first time around. Plus artist profiles, a Eurovision 'selfie' mode and support for French and Spanish as well as English. Able to count your vote(!), it all now adds up to the perfect Eurovision companion, ready for next week. Oh, and it's a universal application, so will also work just fine on Windows 8.1 tablets and laptops...

From the app description in the Store:

Watching the Eurovision Song Contest has never been more exciting before, during and after the event, with the official app right in front of you. As you watch the spectacle unfold on television, this app will introduce you to the participating artists, the lyrics of the songs for you to sing along, information about each country and, of course, the results! Along with each country's professional jury, it is up to you to decide on the outcome of the 60th Eurovision Song Contest. Voting (local rates apply) has never been easier right from the app. After you cast your vote, a special message from your favourite artist is waiting for you! This, and much more, all comes with this ultimate virtual companion.

Selected features:

  • An overview of the latest stories, photos and videos
  • MatchMaker: Find out with which Eurovision decade matches you best
  • Music shop (album released on 20 April 2015) now also with the karaoke version for each song
  • Merchandising shop, where you can buy your own Eurovision souvenirs
  • Follow each show live: With detailed information about the show, artists, songs and countries
  • Two additional languages: French and Spanish
  • Detailed participant profiles: Get to know the artists
  • Selfie filters: Give your pictures a touch of Eurovision

Here's the application in action, and just in time, with eight days to go before the final and only a handful before the semi-finals....

Screenshot, Eurovision for Windows PhoneScreenshot, Eurovision for Windows Phone

Tre traditional walkthrough of headline features on the first start-up, including real time information (during the broadcast)

Screenshot, Eurovision for Windows PhoneScreenshot, Eurovision for Windows Phone

The main panel-centric UI, including countdown and feed/news for breaking 'stories'...

Screenshot, Eurovision for Windows PhoneScreenshot, Eurovision for Windows Phone

There's now a full breakdown of all the participants, with bios and the opportunity to err... buy the songs. Fair enough, I guess, but anyone else remember when the first time you heard most Eurovision songs was in the contest itself?

Screenshot, Eurovision for Windows Phone

These days, we have music videos and other media all available for bingeing on before the event! Here linked through from the application.

Screenshot, Eurovision for Windows PhoneScreenshot, Eurovision for Windows Phone

Lyrics and bio questions all make great background resources for the competition itself...

The Matchmaker (novelty quiz) and 'Selfie' (superimposes very basic Eurovision flogans on a camera instance) sections are fluff, of course, and not even worth screenshotting. But hey, they add to the atmosphere...

If you're into Eurovision and you own a Windows Phone then look no further. You can download the Eurovision Song Contest app in the Store here.

Source / Credit: Windows Phone Store