Pipeman 2 Free a traditional tile puzzle with a plumbing twist

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Tile puzzles are something most of us grew up with. Sliding tiles around in ever tightening formations until the picture or pattern made sense. And Pipeman 2 Free is along the same lines, except that the 'picture' you're making is a logical system of pipes. Not that you ever get to see anything flowing, but the aim is still to end up with a system of pipes that has no open ends. It's an engrossing little casual game and worth a look.

From the Store description:

Pipes are mixed and the plumber is stuck. Your goal is to help the plumber to build pipelines in the right places and flush pipes. This is really fun and addictive puzzle game for your phone. If you like jigsaw, sokoban, tangram, flow and tangled puzzles then this is game for you!
54 difficult fields to wait for your solution. So, can you help plumber to solve these puzzles?

Here's the game in action:

Screenshot, Pipeman 2 freeScreenshot, Pipeman 2 free

Essentially, for each level's structure and starting positions, your job is to slide the tiles into the finishing position (which you have to work out based on where any liquid might go) in as few moves and as little time as possible.

Screenshot, Pipeman 2 freeScreenshot, Pipeman 2 free

Importantly, each pipe piece is on a tile and it's the tile that moves. So, on level 2, above, the presence of blank tiles is puzzling(!) a lot of people if you read the comments in the Store - however, it's question of moving the tiles around to position the pipe elements.

Not bad at all, and easy to try a level to while away odd moments. Though a way of removing the ads would have been appreciated. Maybe a commercial 99p version is coming?

In the meantime, you can download this in the Store here.

Source / Credit: Windows Phone Store