Mini-review: Astro Bouncer

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Casual games are a bit of an art form - enough gameplay to draw you in and addict you, but not so much that the game requires longer sessions and thus is no longer 'casual' any more. If you can't play it while waiting in line or during the TV adverts, etc. Astro Bouncer (interestingly, available for Windows 8.x and above too, being universal) works really well, with simple gameplay, colourful graphics, subtle sound effects, power-ups and perils. A typical game lasts two or three minutes.

From the Store description:

You are an astronaut who got lost in the galaxy and crash-landed on a dangerous alien planet. Try to survive as long as you can! Just tap the screen to jump using your jet pack to stay in the air. Collect stars to reach the highest score. Use power-ups effectively to stay alive longer. Force Field shields you and prevents any damage. Magnetic Suit uses the force of gravity to attract nearby stars. Jet Booster makes you fly higher. Plasma Mine explodes and shoots enemy creatures. Space is a dangerous place, it's full of spiky monsters from all around the universe. How long can you keep bouncing?

  • Two challenging game modes
  • Unique characters and creatures
  • Endlessly hop and bounce off walls
  • Dodge spiky aliens in a Sci-fi environment
  • Lots of collectible power-ups
  • Simple and innovative gameplay

Terrifically implemented, it's effectively two games in one, since the 'one tap' and 'two tap' modes play with very different feel and pace. The latter is more frantic, while the 'one tap' mode is more in the Flappy Bird mould and is a gentler way to pass the time.

As you'll see from the screenshots here, Astro Bouncer is ad-supported, plus there's a button to get rid of the ads - curiously, when I tried it, the Store crashed on me. A glitch? Anybody else getting this?


Typically implemented and honed, you either live with the ads ot pay to get rid of them - it's a balance that works well, in theory, and everyone wins... Good social engagement and presentation here by the developer.


Here in one-tap mode, you keep moving left and right according to the latest horizontal 'bounce', puffing on your rocket motor to stay in the air, above the animated spikes. Power ups to pick up, stars to collect and other spiky things to avoid - it's a colourful and fun mix.


In 'two-tap mode, the very sides are lethal, so you've got to stay in the middle zone, tapping right and left as needed, while still collecting those stars. it's trickier and faster paced.

The animation frame rate and responsiveness to taps is first class - any fans of casual games will have a blast (no pun intended) with Astro Bouncer.

You can download Astro Bouncer here.

Source / Credit: Windows Phone Store