Party Gods an ultimate test of coordination and rhythm?

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Are you one of those people, like me, that just can't dance? Try as I might, I sway around like an awkward antelope. The animal metaphor is appropriate since this, Party Gods, involves you stamping on bunnies in time to a pumping house track in order to protect a bull, a bear, and so on. Don't worry, it's all stylised and well thought out - just be aware that if your coordination and rhythm aren't absolutely perfect then your 'party is over' very quickly indeed.

From the Store description:

Rhythmical, flashy, fast and frustratingly amazing. Our newest rhythm-based mobile game Party Gods is all of that. 

You play as a party animal and your goal is to protect your dancing spot from greedy dancing bunnies. Only way to stop them is to DANCE like never before! Dance by tapping those little monsters ON THE BEAT! It's all about keeping the beat! Just KEEP THE BEAT! 
One might say it feels like having a party on your mobile phone. One might be right.

With a heavy dose of humour throughout, plus some very headphone-intensive music, this is a title for younger people than I - but deserves some success.

Some screenshots:

Party Gods screenshot

Does this seem like your sort of party? It's on your phone, anyway!


Essentially it's whack-a-mole, but to music and with rabbits. And if you don't bash them in time with the music then you get penalised - it's MUCH harder than it looks!


With three different party animals and various levels of intensity, there's a serious challenge here. You can buy Party Gods here in the Store. It's a commercial purchase at just over £1 but with no further purchases, so no freemium worries - you just have to get err.... better!

Source / Credit: Windows Phone Store