Toca Cars - completely free auto-mayhem for your kids

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I've been a fan of the Toca games for small kids for ages, they keep my nephews and nieces very happy - and Toca Cars appears to be a complete freebie from the developers. With a girl or boy racer, players can drive around a toy world, crashing and doing whatever they like, with no damage done in the real world. Add in a game world editor, some jumps and ramps, and this is a must-install for anyone prone to lending their phone to a small family member.

From the Store description:

In Toca Cars you do what feels right. No rules apply to these roads. Cruise through big puddles of ice cream, fly off jumps into a lake or build a huge pile of houses, stop lights, and mailboxes and drive right through. Ready, set, GO!  

The world of Toca Cars is made from 100% recycled cardboard, including the little dog that may chase you! Want to speed through the lake, bump a tree, and knock over the stop sign one more time? No problem! Simply push the restore button and do it again!  

When you choose Editor mode you can arrange your own jumps, races, trees, animals and houses. Build small jumps or big jumps, place a quarter pipe in the lake and maybe even get surprised by a robot...

A few screens of Toca Cars in action:

Toca Cars screenshot

Picking a character...

Toca Cars screenshot

... and a game mode. Play with a world fully formed (randomly each time) or create your own....

Toca Cars screenshot

By touching where the player wants the car to go, it accelerates and turns as needed. Players can knock stuff over and generally have fun - a tap on the 'reset' control restores order!

Toca Cars screenshot

Flying! Actually I've just powered up a ramp and jumped off the end - for a few seconds the car grows wings and you can fly - how cool is that?

Toca Cars is where you stop following roads, and start doing whatever feels right for you! Toca Cars is suitable for kids between 3-9 years. So what are you waiting for? It's time to start your engines! FEATURES - Two fearless drivers - Stay off or on the road, it doesn’t matter - Arrange your own world any way you like - Crash’n’Restore - don’t worry about things falling over, the Restore Button will fix it. - No rules or stress - play any way you want to! - Kid-friendly interface - No in-app purchases

You can grab this free right now here. There's a promo video (for the iPad, but it's essentially the same game, with just a few less viewpoint options) below:

Source / Credit: Windows Phone Store