All Microsoft's MSN applications for Windows Phone updated

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While AAWP isn't one of those sites which lists every last minor update for every application, I'll make an exception for today's 'stability and performance improvements' update to the entire suite of MSN applications, Microsoft's in-house informational applications (several of which previously had 'Bing' branding), effectively part of the Windows Phone platform. I suspect that the under-the-hood changes are in part due to helping the apps work with Windows 10 on both PC and phone. Either way, just grab the updates and enjoy, they're all free, of course.

If needed, you can check for updates in the usual way, by going into the Store application and using '...'/Settings/Check for updates. You'll see updates found by a little blue notification at the top right of the screen. Most people, of course, will have updates set to be grabbed automatically, in which case (ahem) this story is somewhat redundant...!

Screenshot, MSN rebrandScreenshot, MSN rebrand

 'MSN Weather' and 'MSN Food & Drink', two of the platform applications updated today....

Of course, you may well have all the MSN applications installed on your Lumia by default - it does depend on your device (i.e. how new it is!) and whether it's a network variant and which country you're in. Just in case, here are helpful download links:

Food & Drink

Health & Fitness