Mini-review: Asteroid Blaster Space Shooter

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There's always a good feeling I get when I see the 'Powered by Unity' logo appear at the start of a game - it means sparkling and fluid graphics, in this case powering an 'Asteroids'-style space shooter. With bells on, in this case. The level of challenge here is huge, with a difficulty curve that will keep all games less than a few minutes, but then - for a casual game - isn't that what you want? Asteroid Blaster Space Shooter is fun, colourful and inexpensive.

From the (sic) description in the Store:

There is 3 game level in Asteroid Blaster Space Shooter : Easy, Medium and Hard. But if you need more, maybe you can try your best skill in survival mode or try you best luck in Madness mode were all the asteroids going crazy and the UFO shows up every where.

Play Instructions for Asteroid Blaster Space Shooter:

  • Tap to move
  • Touch and hold to shoot

Screenshot, Asteroid Blaster Space Shooter

Whereas the original Asteroids classic back in the 1980s was wire-frame, here there's graphics power aplenty on modern phones, for solid shapes, visual effects and much more. The tap to move and 'touch and hold to shoot' take a little getting used to - you'll move unintentionally quite a few times before you get the hang of it. But it does end up more intuitive than the old 'rotate' system, so it's worth persevering with.

Screenshot, Asteroid Blaster Space Shooter

In addition to the asteroids themselves, there are at least two types of enemy spaceship, darting in to attack, and these need disposing of quickly, otherwise you'll be down a life in no time at all. Helping you are energy bonuses and power-ups, enabling greater fire power. But don't spend too long analysing all this, just (buy and) dive into the game and get practising and sharpening your reflexes!

Screenshot, Asteroid Blaster Space Shooter

There are three levels, each increasingly hard, while your overall high score is remembered. And.... that's it. There are no extra frills, there's not even a way to quit the game explicitly - I had to use the 'Start' key to return to Windows Phone and then the game can be quit from the multitasking 'carousel' if needed. This is one area where the game could help a little, I think!

Pretty good overall though. You can buy this for 79p/$1 here in the Store. It's the perfect arcade game for casual gaming sessions when queueing or on the train on the way to work.

Source / Credit: Windows Phone Store