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With a shoutout to WMPU for unearthing these apps and their developer, I wanted to spotlight a few of the many medical applications by 'bui yen binh'. Since one of the criticisms aimed at Windows Phone by professionals is that 'there aren't many medical apps', this little trove seemed significant. While they're, by default, ad-infested and may not be able to match the wealth of medical content on iOS and Android, at least they give some possibilities.

It's always somewhat unsatisfying when there's no developer web site or 'about me' page - all we have is a Vietnamese developer/publisher name. Regardless, there are a couple of dozen applications, with some overlap. My main concern is that the sources of all the information (textual and graphical) aren't disclosed - whilst some may well be public domain, there's a nagging doubt that other data might need its source clarifying and crediting.

With that said, here are screens from Human Anatomy Atlas (free) and Human Anatomy Pro (paid):

Screenshot, medical appsScreenshot, medical apps

And from Disease Dictionary:

Screenshot, medical appsScreenshot, medical apps

In fact, quite a few entries have 'no information'. It really would be very handy if the developer quoted his information sources in each of these apps!

And from iHealthy:

Screenshot, medical appsScreenshot, medical apps

In short, the developer has done a decent job of packaging up a variety of medical sources in palatable form on Windows Phone. With Windows 10 imminent, here's hoping for 'universal' versions and also with proper accreditation where appropriate. For something as important as health, you can't seem to pluck data from thin air, you know...