Glastonbury 2015 not official but comprehensive

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So the festival of the year is coming up, just a few days away, and what better companion than your trusty Windows Phone, with this third party (though comprehensive) application? From acts to venues to maps, Glastonbury 2015 has you covered, it seems, and this year it's donation-ware and fully working. Just make sure to keep your phone out of the mud and rain!

From the Store description:

  • Searchable "Venue" (stage / area) and "Act" (band / group / speaker).
  • Favourites list.
  • Now & Next list for favourite Acts.
  • Optional Reminders for all Favourites (see Settings option)
  • "Show Venue on Map" menu option for all Venues and Acts.
  • Links to artists' websites (if provided) in Act menu (see screenshot).
  • Bing map with Venue positions and your position marked.
  • Official map with your position marked.
  • Lucky Dip - randomly chooses a current Act near to you.
  • Nearby - all current Acts near to you.
  • Demo Mode - simulate being there to test location / time based features.

Importantly, given the likely network congestion at the festival, the app doesn't require a data connection for all its core data. Only delving into Bing aerial maps or linked web sites requires a connection - well done to the developer.

Here's Glastonbury 2015 in action:

Screenshot, Glastonbury 2015Screenshot, Glastonbury 2015

Six clear and honest home page views into the Glastonbury action; you can select and keep track of favourites - got to admit that seeing what Motorhead are like, 40 years on, is pretty compelling...

Screenshot, Glastonbury 2015Screenshot, Glastonbury 2015

Browsing acts by venue, in this case the main, Pyramid Stage; artist bios are brief, but available across the board, at least for all the main venues.

Screenshot, Glastonbury 2015Screenshot, Glastonbury 2015

Schematic maps and 'lucky dip' provide context-sensitive help for finding your way around and what's going on around you....

Screenshot, Glastonbury 2015Screenshot, Glastonbury 2015

Bing aerial maps can be employed too, though they're not perfectly aligned (Microsoft's fault) and aren't that helpful; the settings let you customise the location-aware views - this is one mature application!

You can grab Glastonbury 2015 here in the Store. Note that the trial version is 100% fully working, you 'buy' it if you want to support the developer (recommended, he's done a great job)!

Source / Credit: Windows Phone Store