1Shot updates bring toggle controls, usability refinements

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I think of 1Shot as 'the little camera app that could', on account of its honest use of sensor pixels in our Windows Phone cameras without worrying about digital or PureView zoom - here, the zoom you choose directly affects the output resolution and vice-versa. It's a simple yet powerful approach that plays well with both WP 8.1 and the new Windows 10 Mobile, in my opinion. Plus there are a mountain of other adjustments possible, plus burst mode and bracketing. Make sure you have this in your photography toolkit.

Here's the official changelog from the Store entry:

  • Added option to Collapse Expand camera options
  • Removed explicit focus cycle required before each capture. Now you can focus once and execute a number of captures.
  • Tweaked settings UI and added app bar menu item for About page
  • Changed icon for Camera roll and remove About page link from ViewFinder
  • Disable Motion Sensitivity dropdown if Continuous Focus is not enabled
  • Coffee prompt after 20 captures each
  • Removed directional indicators for horizontal level
  • Removed review image darkening for simple visibility toggle
  • Directional indicators when horizontal level is visible.
  • Hide directional indicators when device is horizontal
  • Enable Pause on back button
  • Enlarge language entries when language list is expanded

A few screens of 1Shot in action:


Note the control bar at the top, which (below) can be contracted if you prefer, Nokia Camera-style....


Note also that as you zoom in (drag zoom is better, it can be enabled in the Settings), the megapixel number at the top reduces, showing how small/large your snap will be - it's a great way to get a feel for zoom/detail/resolution for your particular smartphone camera.

You can grab this for free in the Store here.

It's 'coffee-ware', in that you're encouraged (but not forced) to donate enough to buy the developer a coffee! Both with a small control in the viewfinder and as a nag after every 20 shots. Which is fair enough, as the app is a free download, though I do think (if the developer is reading this) that, after buying the aforementioned coffee (as I did), that the coffee icon could be replaced by something more functional and the nags disappear? 

Source / Credit: Windows Phone Store