'park4night - camping car et van' client launched for Windows Phone

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Well spotted WMPU - and as a long time camper-van and wild parking advocate (with huge caveats about being sensible and responsible), I was very interested to see the appearance on Windows Phone of the cross-platform 'park4night' client. As the name suggests, it's a crowd-sourced system for locating places where you can stay overnight, either free or on a decent commercial site. Somewhat French-heavy so far (the full title gives the game away) and with spotty coverage here in the UK, it's still a worthwhile initiative, and essentially for free for most users.

From the Store description (sic):

With Park4night find and share the places you liked to relax , spend the night, picnic or clear your head . (Picnic area, camping -car Free , Aire motorhome pay , private area camper , camping , wilderness locations , Parking, Reception at the farm .... )

Uncover the hidden places, close to nature that have given you a sense of freedom . forests, beautiful views, parks , creeks, beaches, ... Inform the community of possible activities around ( Windsurf / Kitesurf, mountain bike , Hiking , Climbing, Fishing , Cycling , Canoeing ) ...

Ignoring the French app title and over-brief English description, the idea behind park4night is great in the smartphone age, where everyone has the means of both discovery and reporting in their pocket. Here's a brief run through:

Screenshot, park4nightScreenshot, park4night

The home screen - the bottom two options become available once you create a park4night account; (right) looking 'around me' revealed a number of possibilities, several of which I'd not heard of before.

Screenshot, park4nightScreenshot, park4night

For each, there are thumbnail photos (which, in the current version, can't be brought up larger, sadly) plus description, details, and the chance to navigate there, share the item or add it to your favourites list; (right) coverage varies rather a lot. To only have a couple of spots in the UK lake district is disappointing, for example.

Screenshot, park4nightScreenshot, park4night

Tapping on any icon on the maps gives more details and, again, the chance to drill into the full card.

Screenshot, park4nightScreenshot, park4night

The French origin shows up in the optional 'Store' system, with purchases here of stickers and cups, all of which help fund the park4night system. There's also a 'Discounts' module which doesn't work yet under Windows Phone, but which presumably will give you deals on commercial camp sites.

A useful start to a useful service, and one worth watching if you own a camper. Of course, I can't emphasise enough how responsible you have to be when 'wild camping', in particular, in terms of not leaving rubbish behind, getting in anyone's way, and so on. But there's a certain thrill in taking your home with you!

You can grab this for free in the Store.

Source / Credit: WMPU