Wifi Analyzer comes to Windows (10 Mobile)

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Thanks to some anonymity at the Android end, it's not clear whether Wifi Analyzer, currently in fully working preview state for Windows 10 Mobile, is from the same developer as the hit utility for Android, but the interfce and conventions are extremely similar and it's very welcome all the same.

Why do you need this? Because it's a great way to work out what's interfering with your Wi-fi - spot when your neighbour's on the same channel and move your Wifi into an uncontested slot, etc! In theory you'll have better reliability and faster connections.

It's marked as 'Preview' at the moment because the developer is updating it every few days - also, being a universal application for Windows 10, it's only available to phones running Windows 10 Mobile, of course. Which will be almost everyone in time, but at the moment you'll have to be on the W10M Insiders programme, obviously.

From the Store description:

This app turns your PC/Laptop, Tablet or Phone into an analyzer for your wireless network. With its help you can identify Wi-Fi problems or find the best place for your Router/Access-Point.

Here's Wifi Analyzer in action:

Screenshot, wifi Analyzer

Each existing signal is shown in real time, with strength and network name - the 'BT' ones here are all the same access point, by the way, it's a whole 'BT' thing (don't ask). If I were to put in a new router, the utility recommends I pick 'Channel 1'. Good call!

Screenshot, wifi Analyzer

Detailed network names and signal strengths....

Screenshot, wifi Analyzer

More details of your currently connnected Wifi network, in gory tech detail!

Screenshot, wifi Analyzer

A graphical display over time is also available, so that you can see network strengths as you move around a venue, perhaps, recording the strength at each point....

Screenshot, wifi Analyzer

Here's the pop-out Settings panel - the interface is all Windows 10 Mobile, of course, and very nicely done indeed.

If you're on Windows 10 Mobile, you can grab this for free here in the Store. Note that it might jump to being a commercial or ad-funded application when it's finished.

PS. If you're reading this and you're a Windows Phone 8.1 user, your homework is to find something that does a similar job in the Store and which you can recommend.

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