Big update to Windows 10 Camera - adds RAW capture and Lenses

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Microsoft is perhaps still thinking of eventually building everything from Lumia Camera into the one, generic 'Camera' application - which at least will simplify Start screens and application lists. My evidence for this? Dual capture (for .DNG RAW, at least) just made its way into a new update for Camera under Windows 10 Mobile - if this application was to be the one for 'normobs' and non-PureView phones then why bother putting pro-level features like RAW in? In other news, bugs are fixed and Lenses return to the menu.

Here's the changelog for Camera v5.49.2001.0 (over and above the old v5.42.2007.0):

  • Added Lenses to the menu:
  • Added dual capture for supported PureView devices, e.g. 'JPEG (5MP) + DNG (16MP)' on the Lumia 930/Icon/1520:
    Interestingly, the 'Image size for main camera' option isn't shown on lower-spec Lumias* - if it's not shown on your device then your phone camera can't save RAW images, etc.
  • Fixed Rich Capture - you can now edit HDR shots, adjusting the degree of image combination (this has been broken for the last couple of months):

Surely, once Dolby Digital audio and 4K video capture (again, on supported devices) are in place, along with a compatible Lumia Moments utility, the idea is that the old Lumia Camera application (née Nokia Pro Camera) will be retired? I've asked Microsoft for comment and will amend this story if they get back to me.

This update is, obviously, only for those on Windows 10 Mobile, in its new build 10512, released two days ago.

* PS. the Lumia 1020 seems to be a special case and the choice of resolution isn't (yet) given. I get the feeling that optimisations for this hardware will follow later on - or perhaps Lumia Camera will be retained for this device alone? I'll keep testing and watching and will report back.