Golf workouts and course finder hit Microsoft Health and the Microsoft Band

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Another update has hit the Microsoft Band and its associated Microsoft Health application on the phone. You may remember that we reported on the hook-up with TaylorMade here, but Health itself wasn't quite ready? Well, the other shoe just dropped and Microsoft Health is updated now in the Store, along with another Microsoft Band update to ensure the two stay in step. Screenshot proof below.

The Microsoft Health update will show in the Store as usual, install it and then on first launch you'll be prompted to update your Band too:

Screenshot, Band updateScreenshot, Band update

After the update, there's a presentation of 'What's New' - if you don't see this, then look on the hamburger menu, etc. First up is a course finder, thanks to the TaylorMade databases...

Screenshot, Band updateScreenshot, Band update

It seems comprehensive too, here finding all my local courses with ease...

Screenshot, Band updateScreenshot, Band update

.. along with details and location shortcuts for getting there with (e.g.) HERE Drive; (right) also new are golf workouts, essentially basic exercise sets that will get you warmed up before a round. (I'm not quite sure about the Bigfoot-like character depicted though!!!)

Screenshot, Band updateScreenshot, Band update

Here's the set of five possible workouts - tap though to each to get details and to sync it to your Microsoft Band for on-the-wrist guidance.

As usual, the Microsoft Health application itself is here in the Windows Phone Store. Once you've got data in place, of course, in addition to reporting panes in the app, there's also the Web-based dashboard, which gains a new golfing section:

Golf dashboard

As a useful overview, see the really well done promo video, which shows off the system better than I could: