Lumia Moments is dead, long live 'Photos Plug-in'

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A hat tip to WMPU for finding this somehow, but Lumia Moments is available now for Windows 10 Mobile handsets - except it's been totally renamed and seems to indicate a wider architecture (of which more in an editorial this week). The good news is that it works perfectly for grabbing 8MP stills from 4K videos shot on the likes of the Lumia 930 and 1520, so that's a major functionality hole now filled. The integration with Windows 10 Photos is also perfect, this bodes very well indeed.

Assuming that you've installed the 'Photos Add-ins' application* and that you're bang up to date with your Windows 10 Mobile Store applications, here's what you should see happen:

* Yes, the name does seem inconsistent in some places, I guess Microsoft is still working on naming!


Lumia Moments has been quietly renamed and improved by Microsoft and here's the new version, neatly installing itself into Windows 10 Mobile Photos - all captured videos now have this headline function, in addition to usual sharing, 'editing' and deleting controls.


The usual choice to pick a best frame (e.g. an 8MP still from 4K video) or try one of the fancy multi-frame action shots.


The interface has been tightened slightly, the timeline and swipe-for-best-frame are now concurrent - you can use either, depending on how long the video clip is. Very slick indeed.


The name's especially interesting because it does imply that there will be other 'Add-ins' in the future. Watch this space!

Good stuff, and a theme I'll return to in an editorial very soon.

Source / Credit: WMPU