Rugby World Cup - your unofficial companion

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Running for six weeks from tomorrow is the Rugby World Cup, held in England this time round, and what better way to keep track of it than on your Windows Phone? There's no official application (unsurprisingly - sigh), but there's a truly excellent free (well, beer-ware, appropriately, given the sport!) unofficial one, shown below.

From the Store description:

The first independent application (unofficial), 100% free with no advertising, dedicated to the Rugby World Cup 2015, exclusively developed for Windows Phone.

Teams, results, agenda ... all relevant information for tracking the major competition in 2015.

By connecting your Twitter account, follow news and interact with the teams.

Clearly a labour of love from the developer, here's the application in action:

Screenshot, Rugby World CupScreenshot, Rugby World Cup

There's a nice touch wherein you get to pick a favourite team to follow and then some of the functionality is centred around that team. Everything's beautifully presented in a panorama/Metro-style interface.

Screenshot, Rugby World CupScreenshot, Rugby World Cup

Core to the application, of course, is keeping up with the fixtures and results. Obviously none of the latter are in yet, but in the meantime you can check out what others are saying on official Twitter feeds and even (via Settings) connect your own Twitter account in order to get involved without leaving this application.

Screenshot, Rugby World CupScreenshot, Rugby World Cup

How do you think England will do then? Wales and the Aussies will be tough as always! And looks like South Africa and Scotland will romp through Pool B?

Grab Rugby World Cup here in the Store - it's excellent. And remember to buy the developer a beer!

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