Windows 10 Mobile's Camera gets 4K capture, 8MP stills

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Windows 10 Mobile's application set has been upgraded a lot in recent days, mostly small changes, but I do like to pluck out significant improvements. In this case, Camera has now been upgraded to work with the 4K video capture on the likes of the Lumia 930 and 1520. Meaning also that grabbing 8MP stills from footage is possible again, via the accurately named editing function 'Save photos from video and get creative'. Phew!

Buried in the video settings for the latest version of Windows 10 Mobile Camera is a batch of resolutions/frame rate combinations for 4K:

Screenshot, W10 Camera

Having taken a clip, the workflow has changed very slightly, at least in terms of cosmetics. You now have to tap on the 'Edit' tool and then on the pop-up 'Save photos from video and get creative'. This last is from the Photos plug-in system and one presumes that further video filters and utilities will appear in due course. 

Screenshot, W10 Camera

Note also the strange blue square blob in the screenshot - this will (once a bug has been quoshed - or perhaps once I've hard reset my test 1520) also be shown in icon form as a shortcut to the 'Save photos' function. In the meantime, use the editing pop-up if you don't see a proper icon:

Screenshot, W10 Camera

We're then into the familiar frame choosing interface, in order to pluck out an 8MP photo:

Screenshot, W10 Camera

Of course, you may just be interested in shooting 4K video for its own sake, which is fine too(!)

We're expecting a brand new major build of Windows 10 Mobile today, for all Insiders. Together with the mass of application improvements, I think we're going to be fairly close to a 'finished' OS. Comments welcome!

PS. WMPU also notes that 'Living Images' support is explicit in Settings again in Windows 10 Mobile Camera, if you're into that now that Apple has revisited the idea(!)