More new Windows 10 Mobile handsets shown off in Japan

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At a Windows 10 event for OEMs in Japan, Microsoft has shown off or confirmed a range of new Windows 10 Mobile smartphones, some from unfamiliar (to us) names: Vaio (spun off from Sony), Acer, Genisis, Freetel, Third wave and NuAns. Plus Acer showed off the Jade Primo yet again. 


  • NuAns' launched the NEO, with multiple finishes (yes, on the same handset)
  • Third wave launched the Diginnos Mobile DG-W10M
  • Vaio confirmed a Windows 10 Mobile handset is in development
  • Genisis launched the WPH-451
  • Freetel launched the Katana 2

If these details seem incredibly sketchy then by all means head over to the source link and see if you can make head or tail out of the Japanese text! I wouldn't lose sleep over any of it though - we're never going to see any of this in the West!


Source / Credit: Impress (Japanese)