Dropbox updated with fresh design and batch of new interface features

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The official Dropbox client has been updated to v3.8, including a facelift, plus the ability to add a photo to your account profile and various auto-groupings of uploads and media. It's not a huge update, but these platform level client refreshes all help Windows Phone/Windows 10 Mobile be more complete from a service point of view.


The official change log is quoted as (and including other changes since the last time we mentioned Dropbox here):

  • New design
  • Now you can copy any file or folder
  • We renamed Favorites as 'Offline Files'
  • Add an account photo to personalise your Dropbox
  • Uploaded photos and videos are now grouped together under Recents
  • Gallery: Images are grouped by date
  • Recents: incremental data loading to see more events
  • new Word/PDF viewer with thumbnails
  • new Powerpoint with thumbnails
  • many optimisations for Windows 10 to improve the user experience

Some of this is clearly intended for Windows 10 on a desktop/tablet, but this being a universal application now, Mobile (and Windows Phone) gets some of the benefit, at least. The version number on the phone shows v2.40, bizarrely, even though v3.8 is clearly shown on the Store download page. All very confusing!

Some screens of it all in action, here on Windows Phone 8.1, since my Windows 10 Mobile handsets couldn't see the update yet(!):


From left to right, adding an account photo, uploads grouped under 'Recents', and photos grouped by image date...

You can grab or update Dropbox here in the Store. If you can help clarify the version number confusion then by all means comment!

Source / Credit: Store