Lumia 950 XL video and photo samples

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Interestingly, someone over in Germany (I think), probably working for Microsoft or a carrier, has snagged himself a Lumia 950 XL prototype and has been shooting videos and photos with it. Which is interesting, but made more noteworthy in that he seems to know what he's doing - see the three videos embedded below. Summary? Great results from the 950 XL camera, even in very poor light, though there are still 'focus hunting issues'.

[Each of these is from the SuperHDview channel.]

First of all, videos and photos taken under a variety of light conditions. As usual with online videos, do make them full-screen and uprate the quality to whatever your connection and display can achieve:

Next, a low light set of samples - the lack of noise and artefacts in this footage, alongside the stability, is really, really impressive:

Finally, some back to back video and photo samples with the LG G4, the current popular all-round cameraphone champion. As you'll see, focus hunting issues are there in the 950 XL footage - when I shoot videos with Nokia or Microsoft phones I always 'lock' focus where I can with a tap on an appropriate part of the viewfinder - it makes all the difference in the world.

The photos from the 950 XL have much better white balance and colouring than the G4's, which I found surprising - though welcome, of course.

That the 950 and 950 XL camera is very good shouldn't be a surprise, of course - there's a lot of ex-Nokia imaging knowhow gone into them. Will the 950 camera best the Lumia 1020 for absolute imaging quality? Now THAT is a good question, and one I hope to answer within two weeks.

Source / Credit: WMPU