Box goes next-gen for Windows 10

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Box is one of those cloud storage solutions that you don't read about that much in consumer circles - yet it's big in the business world. Which is why it's notable that as of yesterday there's a whole new 'universal' client for Box for Windows 10 - on desktop/tablet/mobile. Microsoft certainly thought it was a big deal, see the quote below. And with Windows 10 Mobile being aimed at least partly at acceptance within enterprises, this new version of Box is very welcome news.

Box claims 50,000 paying businesses, 'including 52% of the Fortune 500 and more than 40 million users', so it's bigger than you might think.

From the Microsoft announcement:

With over 110 million devices already running Windows 10, we were thrilled to partner with the Windows team and build a great app for our joint customers. Plus, building the app on the Windows 10 platform was easy, with Microsoft making it possible for developers to only build one app for Windows 10 versus individual apps for each platform. This approach enables developers to build scalable apps across a variety of devices.

The Box for Windows 10 app provides all the benefits of securing content with Box and leverages the great new functionality in Windows 10.  With this app you can:

  • Manage content across devices: Users have a seamless content experience across all of their Windows PCs, tablets and phones
  • Share files with anyone: Simply send shared links for a specific file or folder from the app without having to deal with large attachments
  • Preview Office content easily: Preview a variety of different file types including Office files, PDFs, images and more in the app without every having to download the content to your device
  • Create and collaborate on Office files: The app integrates with the Windows file picker so users can create and edit Office files such as Word, PowerPoint, or Excel and have those changes saved directly back to Box
  • Receive updates in real-time: You can work on Office files right from the app and get updates on changes with the newly enhanced Windows notification center
  • Multitask and use Box whenever you need it: Work on Box and other apps side by side with the Windows 10 multitasking feature – resize Box to make it as big or small as you need
  • Quickly find your favorites: Pin certain Box files and favorites right to your Start screen using Windows 10 Live Tiles so you can quickly access them whenever you need to

Box app for Windows 10 shown running on Windows devices

You should be able to find the new Universal version of Box here. If it's not shown for your phone on the device then be patient. It's rolling out etc.

Comments welcome if you're a big Box user. How does the new client (when available) compare to the old (Silverlight?) Windows Phone 8.1 version?

Source / Credit: Microsoft