It's 'Lumia motion data' and it now works with Windows 10 Mobile

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Several of the ancillary modules in Windows Phone got rather left behind in the move to Windows 10 Mobile (at least for those on the Insiders programme), not least 'motion data', the tie-in code that gives applications access to the low power motion processor and sensors in compatible devices like the Lumia 830, 930 and 1520. That's fixed as of now, and 'motion data' just got itself a slightly longer name. And it all works as advertised again - phew!

Here we go then, with an Insiders Preview device (Lumia 930) getting the update:

Motion data screenshotMotion data screenshot

You'll have to restart your phone before using 'Lumia motion data' - as usual; once restarted, it's all now fully functional again, with GPS locations and collected data (accelerometer, etc.)...

Motion data screenshotMotion data screenshot

Looking at which apps are using the data reveals something odd about Microsoft Health & Fitness in that its name is missing in the list - but it's overdue a Windows 10-compatible update? (right) Ah - as I write this (updated) Microsoft just official withdrew this service/app completely. Very sad, I was using Microsoft Health & Fitness as an alternative to using the Band 2, for an article, at least. Oh well...

Anyway, you can update 'motion data' in the Store in the usual way if you're on the Insiders Programme (who isn't, these days?....)