Debuting the DailyMail Online on Windows Phone

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OK, OK, it's the Daily Mail. Think click-bait headlines and tabloid content. But it's also a really nicely done Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile application that's brand new. See the screenshots below. From intro screens to content to background syncing of content, if you're into the Daily Mail (I know it's some peoples' guilty pleasure!) then check out this new app.

From the Store description:

Daily Mail Online app gives you everything you've come to expect and love from the world's largest English-language newspaper website, but with quick, easy and free access on your phone -- accessible even when you're offline.

Feed your daily addiction with stories & photos from all our top channels: US & World News, Celebrity & Showbiz, Sports, Femail, Science & Tech, Health, Money, Travel, and many more!

See what everyone's talking about and download our app today.

Here's the app in action in my Lumia 930:

Screenshot, DailyMailScreenshot, DailyMail

As with any decent 2015 application, there's a one-time startup presentation of the main features....

Screenshot, DailyMailScreenshot, DailyMail

'Favourite channels' and offline reader are two advanced features that almost bely the often trivialised content (sorry, mustn't let this get too elitist, but....!)

Screenshot, DailyMailScreenshot, DailyMail

Content aside, the DailyMail application is really well done, with sections, easy sharing, thumbnail galleries, and more. 'Just the Pictures' is for those who intellects can't rise to even reading the main stories. Sorry. Must. Stop. Grumbling...

Screenshot, DailyMailScreenshot, DailyMail

There's even background content filling, so that you can jump into the latest content when you're offline, perhaps on a tube train, and so on. 

You can grab the DailyMail Online app here. It's terrifically well implemented. Now can we have the same for The Times please? I know I'm dating myself here, but I think I'd actually read the latter!!

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