Windows 10 (Mobile) Maps gets live traffic cams, better pin-able favourites and err... Santa!

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Windows 10 Maps, running on both PC and mobile, of course, got itself a big update today, so check your Store. The addition of live traffic cams is a huge boon, though obviously it will depend on how many cams there are where you want to go. Pinning favourites to the Start screen is an obvious function, and one that has been upgraded here. Plus, you get to follow Santa. Ahem. Not very exciting for 364 days a year then!

Here's the changelog:

  • Support for live traffic cameras, just tap to view
  • Pin any favourite to the Start screen with a choice of one-tap access to location or directions
  • Find Santa and follow him as he travels around the world on December 24th each year
  • Select a business name on the map to see contact info, hours and more
  • Get lane guidance in turn-by-turn navigation (this has been in the application for a while, but maybe this is the first time the Maps team has had a chance to brag about it?)

I was most impressed by the new features:

Screenshot, Windows 10 MapsScreenshot, Windows 10 Maps

Cameras can be turned on in the layers pop-up, as you'd expect. Do allow a few seconds for their locations for your area to be loaded in from the Cloud - they won't appear immediately. Once on the map though, you can take a peek at known trouble spots - here with Reading in the rush hour - ghastly!!

Screenshot, Windows 10 MapsScreenshot, Windows 10 Maps

Long pressing any favourite (who needs 3D Touch?!) lets you pin it to the Start screen in two different ways, either as a location (labelled with just the name/nickname) or for direct directions/navigation (labelled 'Go to' and then the name/nickname); (right) On the Search menu is 'Where's Santa?' A novelty, but hey, someone at Microsoft's got a sense of humour, it seems!