Chris Caposella chat worth a watch or listen

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Over on the Windows Weekly YouTube channel, there's the most interesting podcast that the team have done for ages, thanks to the appearance for the best part of an hour by Chris Capossella, the Chief Marketing Officer at Microsoft - he's been at the company for a quarter of a century and he's very open and honest about the company's approach and prospects. If you listen to or watch nothing else this weekend, make sure you catch this one. It'll make you feel all warm and fuzzy about Microsoft again, honest....!

Here's the video version, though note that you can also listen via your usual podcast client of choice:

I was really impressed - marketing people at major companies rarely spout anything other than 'guff', when interviewed, in my personal experience, so Chris came across as genuine, open and informed. Maybe this is why he's lasted so long at Microsoft, he's not your typical 'fly by night' marketdoid....

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