Roc'Kit looks like a fully rigid charging marvel

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Is it just me that loves gadgets? Especially if they have milli-Ampere-hours of charge inside them. Check out the slightly-oddly named Roc'Kit, whose Indiegogo video is embedded below - it's more than vapourware since we're expecting test samples here within a few weeks. 1200mAh isn't massive, but it's delivered at up to 2.5A (though there's no mention of Quick Charge 2.0 compatibility, in case you were wondering), so will be good for very quick emergency top-ups.

Here's the promo video. I'd highlight the tough metal construction - and the potential downside that there's quite a bit of weight and stress on the relatively fragile microUSB connector and the jack in the smartphone:

Comments welcome - is this all-in-one solution the best way to go or should a flexible cable be used (as in the Megalo Mini and the LinearFlux accessories)? Im tending towards the latter, but I'll review this new idea when actual test hardware is available. I'll also be interested to see whether a USB Type-C variant is made (also Lightning, for Apple iPhones, of course)....

There's a lot more about the Roc'Kit here on its Indiegogo page.