Tabulating the official Windows 10 Mobile rollout

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Over the next week or so, the first Lumia devices running Windows Phone 8.1 will start to be offered over the air updates to Windows 10 Mobile. We'll report on major models as and when they get activated, but it's worth keeping this page bookmarked. The idea is that Microsoft will keep it fully updated with the updates that are supposed to be in progress, and with confirmation of both firmware and OS versions.

Of course, not every Windows Phone 8.1 device will end up getting the new OS offered, certainly not over the air. I've expressed doubts numerous times here on AAWP (e.g. here) about whether all devices will make the cut and I've already heard rumours that some smartphones with only 512MB of RAM will be skipped. Something else I thought might happen, in terms of keeping the user experience decent.

Anyway, here's the full table for the UK, just pick your own country in Europe to see that instead, or navigate back to choose a different continent.


Good to see at least one official source of this update data. I wonder how long it will now be before the UK Lumia 640 gets targetted. This should be the first in line, for reasons of simplicity and OS currency (it runs 8.1 Update 2 already).

Source / Credit: Microsoft