The Lumia 950 drops below £400, the 950 XL below £450, in the UK

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We said before launch, and we've carried on saying, that the Lumia 950 and 950 XL were over-priced. And we've periodically charted the drop in the street price of these new Windows 10 Mobile flagships - they haven't reached our own estimations of what they need to be in order to gain enough interest, but dropping below the £400 mark is a decent milestone. [Update: Now £389!]

The prices here are from Amazon UK today, here are the links you need:

Lumia 950 White - £399

Lumia 950 Black - £395 now £389!

Lumia 950 XL White - £449

Lumia 950 XL Black - £449

Sub £400

I'm trying to remember my initial predictions, before we knew the starting RRPs for the two devices (950 and 950 XL). I believe it was on the AAWP podcast and I wanted them to be £350 and £400. Or something like that. I don't believe the prices will get there for a few months, but that'll happen eventually. 

Of course, we're not talking about prices getting low enough to tempt people away from iOS or Android - that's a whole different argument. What we're talking here is getting low enough to attract existing Lumia owners (e.g. 735, 830, 920, 930) to upgrade to something much newer and more future proof.  What do you think - are the flagships low enough now for you?