Testing the 950 XL to destruction - not so much!

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There's an interesting video embedded below where one of the more notorious 'Bend-gate' bloggers, JerryRigEverything, tests the Lumia 950 XL's durability, applying various degrees of hardened/sharpened points, bending with considerable force, applying a flame, and so on. The 950 XL carried on working without a flicker, happily. 

There's also a section where the 'liguid cooling' heat pipe is chopped up, though no fluid was spotted - it's not clear whether this was due to evaporation or because the fluid used is so viscous at room temperature that it doesn't 'flow' in the way Jerry expected it to.

See what you think:

Great to see overall durability being so high, though the plastic frame didn't really do any better than a £100 handset if we're honest. Roll on an aluminium unibody Surface phone mid-2016?