Health app updates, Microsoft Band gets GPS Saver

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The Microsoft Health application for Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile has been given a decent feature bump today, along with unlocked functionality on the Microsoft Band and Band 2, which gain extra tiles and a GPS Saver mode when running or cycling. This latter reduces the GPS sampling rate to once every 30 seconds, dramatically increasing battery life compared to the 'GPS always on' case.

Here's the full quoted changelog from the Health app update:

  • Share your workout – Create custom Guided Workouts in the web dashboard, and share them with friends.
  • Track your weight – to help you maintain your current weight, or help you reach your weight goals.
  • Web Tile Gallery – Sports scores, news headlines. A variety of content you care about can be delivered straight to your band.
  • GPS Power Saver – Enable GPS Power Saver in your Bike or Run Tile to extend your battery life up to 4 hours.
  • Activity reminders – Get moving!
  • Bug fixes

You can update Microsoft Health in the Store on your phone or install it here if you're new to all this.

I did notice a firmware update to my Band accessories recently, so this all ties in neatly. The GPS Saver option lights up once you've chosen to use GPS when starting a new run or bike ride:

GPS Saver

Screenshot, Microsoft HealthScreenshot, Microsoft Health

Introducing weight tracking - useful, though of course you still have to take and enter the measurements yourself; (right) taking shared fitness to a whole new level, create workout regimes in a desktop web browser in Microsoft's dashboard and then them use them and share them...

Screenshot, Microsoft HealthScreenshot, Microsoft Health

The new tiles gallery breaks out Store tile items within Health - though a huge number of these are to do with USA-relevant sports. Still, the AP News Headlines tile is worth adding....

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