Windows Device Recovery Tool updated, looking to third party hardware

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The Windows Device Recovery Tool seems to be updated more and more these days, not least to support the widening group of companies and hardware, in this case from AlcatelOne, BLU and MCJ. Microsoft's plan for 2016 and beyond is clearly to provide class-leading devices of its own but with plenty of room for differentiation underneath, and it's good to see that the official recovery tool is now truly platform wide.

Head into the Windows Device Recovery Tool and you'll see this, you have to install it to continue:

Screen crop

You can grab the tool for yourself here if you don't already have it on your Windows 7, 8 or 10 system. 

Being able to flash firmware onto the various non-Microsoft, non-Nokia devices isn't a trivial matter and it's excellent to see Microsoft doing everything it can to support partners here.

The 'Fierce XL' is particularly interesting, a budget 5.5"-screened phablet:

Fierce XL
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