The Lumia 1020 still the zoom champion

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The folks at PocketNow produce some slick and well thought out video tests - and this is no exception. You'll remember that I pitched the brand new Asus Zenfone Zoom against the ageing Windows Phone flagship, the Lumia 1020, a while back? For still imaging, the two camera-centric smartphones ended up a in a score draw, though as the video test below shows, the Lumia 1020 draws ahead by some margin when you take into account video capture too. Nice to know that the old 1020 can still knock it out of the ballpark!

PocketNow do a very good job of explaining the differences in zoom technology, especially in relation to minimum focussing distance, arty macros and shallow depth of field. See what you think:

It's impressive that the 2013 Lumia 1020 is still even be used in mainstream testing by high profile USA-based tech sites, let alone winning the test. The Lumia 1020 is a classic and I'm very glad that the folks at PocketNow have kept hold of their own sample - it even sounds like the phone still has fans there!

In the video above, the most striking differences to me were in video mode, where the Lumia 1020 has significantly less digital noise and less annoying autofocus 'hunting' issues. In fact, the video above has inspired me to head out and do more video capture comparison tests of my own. Anyone fancy a 1020 vs Lumia 950 video shootout across a wide variety of scenes and subjects?

Source / Credit: PocketNow