The hour long video guide to Microsoft Office on Mobile

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If you've always been a bit wary of diving into Office on your Windows Phone then you're not alone. And now we have the full Office applications under Windows 10 Mobile, massively more functional - the identical (universal) applications as on laptops and tablets, perhaps creating even more apprehension. Fear not though, for Microsoft has done a series of introduction and tutorial videos to help you out. Running to about an hour in all, they're embedded below, are introduced by a quietly spoken Finn, and are all very accessible. They won't turn you into a power user, but they will get you using Office more, hopefully.

Starting with the overview (hat tip to MSPU for reminding me of this channel), with a different, female narrator:

And then onto the main series, starting with the general introduction:

Next, it's the user interface, including a special mention for Continuum:

The third video in the main series is on features:

Fourth, it's a guide to signing in, needed for all the Cloud syncing:

Fifth, it's accounts, looking at all the various ways of hooking everything up with the Microsoft Cloud:

Sixth up, there's an introduction to the collaboration features available if you have a Office 365 subscription:

Penultimately, and really just for business customers, there's a look at managing Office 365 and troubleshooting license issues:

Finally, there's a look at saving and sharing (e.g. why can't you 'save as'?):

So, as I say, not really a comprhensive Office tutorial, but certainly a useful primer and resource for using the application suite under Windows 10 Mobile...

Source / Credit: YouTube