Help needed: The AAWP (curated) Windows Phone/Windows 10 Mobile games directory is coming soon...

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After the huge success and good reception of my curated WP/W10M applications directory, it's time to turn our attention to games as well. Now, while I'll be doing most of the hard work in testing and compiling, I do need your help. Essentially, suggestions for the games that you love, that you come back to day after day on either Windows Phone 8.1 or Windows 10 Mobile.

If you'd like to help out and see this happen, please do comment below with:

  • the (up to five) best games you've played/still play on Windows Phone or Windows 10 Mobile

along with

  • any compatibility notes (e.g. has issues under Windows 10), if relevant

Many thanks in advance. With a little crowd sourcing here and a lot of checking and compiling behind the scenes, hopefully we'll have an AAWP 'top 1% of games' curated directory very soon, in similar vein to what we've put together for applications.