The official Twitter Universal Windows (10) application arrives for mobile

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Twitter's Windows Phone client has been pretty good for a couple of years now, albeit with few bells and whistles, and certainly not optimised for Windows 10 Mobile and bigger screens. Today sees the release of the full Twitter Universal Windows app - it's been tested on laptops and hybrids for a while and now it comes to phones for the first time. That's the good news. The bad is that quite a bit doesn't work right yet and some features of the old client are gone completely. Hopefully not for good.

The new Twitter client, downloadable here in the Store, is pretty, acquires your chosen dark/light theme correctly from the OS, auto-plays animations and handles embedded media intelligently, plus you can dismiss the virtual controls in the usual UWP manner. Here's the update in action:


The look hasn't changed much, despite the rewrite - but that's not a bad thing, and I like the way the theme is picked up as dark on my AMOLED-screened Lumia 950.


Settings are hidden away in the profile section, which is still a bit counter-intuitive, though I get how it might help with more than one account set up; (right) annoyingly, the notifications section is broken at the moment and your choices (e.g. not to be bothered all the time) can't be saved....

There's quite a bit still to do for the Twitter team though:

  • This client, despite being universal, doesn't work at all with Continuum. Which is very odd, surely this is an easy one to fix?
  • You can't swipe between panes/views, as on every other Twitter client since the dawn of time
  • 'Back' behaviour can be bizarre. E.g. you just try closing the Twitter app after a bit of navigation between different panes.
  • All integration with the People application under Windows 10 has vanished. So no contact syncing, no contact status updates, etc.

So take this as a starting point on Windows 10 Mobile and let's hope that Twitter moves forward quickly - the current binary will put as many people off as it attracts!

PS. As the name suggests, this is Windows 10 only, working on Insider-upgraded and W10M-native phones.

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