Age of Empires: Castle Siege updated, big changelog

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Fresh from my curated Windows Phone games directory, I'm catching up with some game title news on the platform. In this case a huge update to the popular Age of Empires: Castle Siege, with a changelog supplied by MSPU.

Age of Empires: Castle Siege screenshot

You can find Age of Empires: Castle Siege here in the Store if you haven't already acquired it. I gave it a mini-review around 18 months ago, but MSPU has the changelog for this big update:

  • Updated and improved the introductory tutorial for new players.
  • Added 20 new scenarios that focus on basic tactics and gameplay strategy. These scenarios will help get new players ready for battle and allow existing players to hone their skills further.
  • New battle log tutorial to help players get acquainted with this feature.
  • New alliance tutorial with a bonus gold reward for joining an alliance for new players.Players who are already in an alliance will receive the gold.
  • Added 6 new objectives for players to complete for new civilization statue honor items.
  • New Daily Combat Reward gives players a bonus to all loot during their first battle each day. The bonus becomes available again at 7AM UTC every day.
  • The Alliance search function now contains filters to make searching easier. All alliances will now be searchable.
  • The Alliance home page now shows when alliance members are online/offline.
  • We’ve made some long-requested improvements to Siege Towers:
    • Level 4 Siege Tower:
      • Now unlocks with level 5 Siege Workshop in Age 6
      • Time to upgrade Siege Tower reduced to 2 days
      • Reduced lumber cost
      • Increased health
      • Spawns one infantry squad upon attaching to a wall
    • Level 5 Siege Tower:
      • Now unlocks with level 6 Siege Workshop in Age 8
      • Reduced lumber cost
      • Increased health
      • Spawns two infantry squads upon attaching to a wall
    • We have decreased the requirements to complete the Basilica Wonder.
    • Reworked victory screen for better clarity.
    • When returning from battle, players will now be informed if a new purchase or upgrade is available.
    • The Marketplace menu now auto-sorts by what is available to purchase.
    • Added country flags for Pakistan and Romania.
    • Added Honor flags for all 6 in-game civilizations.
    • Players now have more control over notifications they receive.
    • “Collectors are full” notification is now an option for offline notifications.

Plus a mountain of bug fixes, of course. It's good to see such a complex RPG getting tuning and extra features this late into the game (pun intended)!

Age of Empires: Castle Siege screenshot

Source / Credit: MSPU