'Films & TV' gains skip/nudge buttons

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Continuing the bevy of application updates to Windows 10 Mobile ahead of Build 2016, Microsoft has updated 'Films & TV', i.e. the default video player in the OS. And, as anyone knows who's tried to watch media on a phone, it's tough to position the playback position just right with a finger on a small touchscreen. Which is why the application now sports forward and backwards 'nudge' buttons.

The update takes 'Films & TV' to v3.6.1867.0 and is available for all Windows 10 Mobile phones, whatever variant or Insider ring they're on. Here's the changelog:

  • Improved media transport control layout and added "skip forward" and "skip back" buttons
  • Download time estimates are now available for films and TV programme downloads
  • Films & TV programmes can now be deleted from your collection of each of your devices

Of course, you'll want to see the new buttons in action. In fact, the control layout has changed markedly. Here's how video playback used to look:

And here it is now:

In addition to the 'back 10 seconds' and 'forward 30 seconds' nudge buttons - in addition to finding a particular spot, these will also be useful for skipping an ad or going back to watch a moment again, perhaps - the 'Aspect ratio', 'Cast' and 'Repeat' functions have all now shifted to the '...' menu. Leaving 'Subtitles' and 'Full screen' each shifted off to the corners. It's a cleaner look and one presumably borne of Microsoft realising how little people used the menu-ed functions and how much time they spent fiddling around with the timeline control!

As usual, grab this update in the Store on your Windows 10 Mobile-upgraded device, if indeed the Store hasn't done this for you already.